Diversify Your Online Dating Portfolio

Dating online is like pulling the lever on the slot machine – it’s so addictive because you never know what you’re going to get. And, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. When you have access to all the millions of fish in the sea, take advantage of it and date someone you would normally never choose! This week, Kim talks about the benefits of diversifying your online dating portfolio, stepping outside of your comfort zone and new ways to discover what you’re missing in your dating life.

Interview with Dr. Terri Orbuch, “The Love Doctor”

This week, Kim interviews fellow midwesterner, Dr. Terri Orbuch Ph.D., also known as “The Love Doctor” about how to keep love alive for years. She’s a professor at the University of Michigan, her work has been featured in every major publication, and she’s been the director of an NIH study following 373 couples for nearly 3 decades. Needless to say, Dr. Terri knows what she’s talking about when it comes to maintaining strong, healthy, long-term relationships.

Flirt, Have Fun, & Fall in Love with Everyone

Did you know that the definition of “flirting” is “to behave as though attracted to or trying to attract someone, for amusement rather than with serious intention”? This episode is all about challenging yourself to flirt for fun without fear! Who hasn’t had anxiety over walking up to a cute guy at a bar and striking up a conversation? Kim breaks down how to let loose, throw caution to the wind and get your flirt on.

You Can Transform the Inner by Transforming the Outer

Welcome to the Charisma Quotient, hosted by dating and relationship expert Kimberly Seltzer! Her personal journey, moving from Chicago to L.A., going through a divorce and transitioning back into singlehood, showed her that confidence cannot always come from within you. She had to learn to transform her style, her attitude and ultimately, herself. This show proves that it’s possible to change your life from the outside, in. Learn all the style and dating secrets Kim has taught hundreds of clients, with the Charisma Quotient.

Interview with Brian Howie of the Great Love Debate

In this episode, Kim interviews Brian Howie, the host of the Great Love Debate show. These two have known each other for years – way back before Brian knew what size shirt he should be wearing. Kim and Brian talk about learning to listen, building self-confidence with style and who really has it worse in the dating world – men or women?

Know Your Dating Phase

Today’s episode is all about getting in touch with where you are in your dating cycle. Are you ready for a rebound? Are you looking for a serious, stable relationship? Are you just interested in meeting new people and exploring? It’s sometimes harder to figure out than you think – but it’s so important! Kim talks about how to identify what phase you’re in and how to be aware of what your dating needs are based on your phase.